Hi, again. This is going to be my last post on this blog. Once you read my blog, I think you can understand me little bit. ;)

In this Intro to Internet Communication class, I’ve learned a lot. Also recently, I just get information from Internet. However when I’m studying in the class, I could notice “introducing something with internet” is so fun. At this time everyone can publish information through Internet.  It’s good thing, I think. Because everyone can share the information and their concerns. We do this kind of thing through Facebook everyday without notice. Sometimes it’s going to be a mistake and misunderstand, however we can know each other easily and can tell what I think. Somebody said Internet loose personal characteristics, but I don’t think so. When the world can easily to share, we have to have a personality and we can grab someone’s mind. As a filmmaker, this era of the Internet is so interesting. We can post our video without any censorship and we can share freely. I respect some popular singer from youtube. Because I think they could get popularity with their motivation. I believe ideal form of the Internet should be “It can share valuable things which created by audiences. And everyone can be creator with Internet.”

I’ve learned important thing “relationship of people and Internet” though this class.

Thank you for reading my blogs. :)




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